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❤│NEBT X Recruitment Announcement│❤

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▼Job title : Technician of National Eye Bank of Taiwan 

▼Job content:

1. Retrieve and evaluate cornea; preserving, entry and distributing corneas

2. Communicate with associated team about distributing recipient corneas

3. Execute matters including general affairs ordered form Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center

4. Office and documents process and data statistics

4. On-call duty including weekends, evening and holidays. 


▼Qualification :

1. Medicine related diploma/master degree

2. Must have nursing or medical technologist license

3. Used to serve in local hospital or medical center, experience in the ICU or OR will be considered in priority (must attach the certificated documents)

4. Familiar with Microsoft office system, priority considered for applicants with statistics background

5. With responsible, proactive attitude, coordinate ability and independent thinking



1.ID card

2. Certificate of degree/diploma (Please attach the document issued by Ministry of Education for foreign diploma )

3. License of nursing or medical technologist


▼Date:2021/11/30 17:00 (If the received documents are incomplete, we will exclude the application. )


▼Application method :Please e-mail the application documents to southeyebank@gmail.com. (Subject: Application of NEBT technologist of southern branch.) The chart can be downloading on National Cheng Kung University Hospital website, print it in one A4 form.


Call to the NEBT southern branch office on working hours for more job information: 06-2353535 #2306.