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What We Do

We are devoted to protecting the quality of the cornea as soon as donation begins so that the great love from the donor may gain traction and the recipient can see again

The National Eye Bank of Taiwan is not engaged in the importation of corneas from overseas. It is devoted completely to safeguarding the quality of corneas donated by the nationals by providing related instruments and materials relevant to the in-situ excision and protection of the cornea. Exclusive storage solutions and containers for corneas are imported specifically from overseas so that the quality of corneas from donors can be better maintained as soon as they are extracted.

Standard Operating Procedure for the Cornea

Cornea of Donation

Cornea of Extraction

Cornea of Testing

Cornea of Storage

Cornea of Transport

The National Eye Bank of Taiwan has established the standard operating procedures for donating, extracting, testing, storing and transporting the cornea in order to ensure quality of the donated cornea and to make the best of the donor’s great love so that more recipients benefit from the transplantation and our people have even fresher and higher quality corneas available for transplantation to help them see again.

Love and Sharing

Although I do not know you, I will treasure and care this previous gift from you and your family to a stranger like me. Because of your gift, I can see the world again. Without the great love from the donor and the donor’s family, it is impossible for patients waiting for a cornea transplant to have the opportunity to start all over again.
We appreciate each donor. If you also have a heart-warming story about cornea donation and transplantation you wish to share, you are welcome to write to the National Eye Bank of Taiwan.

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